Rosemary & Pesto Focaccia


At first the idea of homemade bread can seem a bit overwhelming. You look through a recipe and get bamboozled by the kind of flour you need, yeast, temperature of the water, If you need a sourdough starter, second mortgage, cuddly toy.  It can be enough to put anyone off. In fact I think this can be applied to lots of tasks in life.
imageAt first glance the project can seem too complex, there’s so many different things to take into consideration. Throw anxiety into the mix and you can start to worry about the simplest of tasks. Your mind will come up with a list of potential hazards and before you know it you’ve withdrawn from doing all the things that you used to love. Or indeed the challenging things that used to give you a sense of achievement. What’s often left is a lack of confidence. We feel as…

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