Homemade Burgers & Garlic Butter Buns

Make these amazing cheeseburgers for #NationalBurgerDay


Burgers are great when feeding a crowd, you can ask people to customise their burgers as they please, try adding extras like crispy bacon, sliced avocado, sautéed mushrooms or a fried egg. It’s a really fun recipe for a Friday or Saturday night, you can prep all the toppings and the patties then cook to order and all pitch in and help. Don’t just stick to beef try minced chicken or turkey or make some mushroom and halloumi burgers for any non-meat eaters. I had a gluten-free guest too so I grabbed some gluten-free buns, there’s lots of really good ones available now.

I think most people like a good burger. Their versatility means that no matter what your particular preference is, there is one out there for you. Even vegetarians can indulge, which is nice for them, as they miss out on so much. Bad burgers are pretty easy…

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