Lean Turkey Burgers with Baked Salt & Vinegar Chips & Sriracha Slaw

Paying attention to nutrition and healthy eating definitely doesn’t mean you have to go without, in fact quite the opposite. There’s a great quote on Instgram doing the rounds at the moment that perfectly encapsulates this for me:

By cooking from scratch and making educated food choices you can still enjoy all your favourite foods like these delicious fully loaded turkey burgers. At 601 kcals per serving (including the sides) they will easily fit into your daily macros, no matter what eating plan you’re following.

I’ve kept them lean by using turkey as the protein for the burgers, not only is this low in fat but it’s great for mental health too. Turkey contains lots of tryptophan, an essential amino acid which our body converts into serotonin (a chemical that makes us feel good). Our body isn’t able to produce tryptophan so we have to obtain it from food. 

I’ve added some turmeric to the marinade as it’s often described as one of the most powerful herbs on the planet, it has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, antifungal and antidepressant properties so is a great addition to these burgers! I’ve boosted the veg count with a big helping of rainbow slaw that’s dressed with zesty lime and creamy yogurt rather than high fat mayonnaise.

As I’ve mentioned previously it’s not just that certain ingredients give us a bit of a lift but in fact considerable research shows that deficiencies in certain vitamins, minerals, amino and fatty acids can actually worsen certain mental disorders such as depression. Eating well is such a positive and achievable way to take some control over your symptoms. Eating a balanced and varied diet full of lean protein, a rainbow of fruits and vegetables and good fats will enable us to naturally take advantage of the mood-boosting properties in food.

You can swap the potatoes for sweet potatoes if you like, just skip the boiling part or they will take on too much water. I use regular potatoes because for me sweet potato fries have to have a crunch, and this only comes from deep-frying. However I love these oven-baked chips and I don’t feel like I’m missing out at all!

Lean Turkey Burgers with Srirach Slaw & Baked Salt & Vinegar Fries.

Serves 4

Per serving: Carbs: 67.6 Fat: 36.3 Protein: 63.5 Cals: 601



700g white potatoes, no need to peel, cut into chunky chips

spray oil

½ tsp dried garlic grauels

2 tbsp malt vinegar


300g bag already shredded slaw vegetables (shredded cabbage, carrots, onions etc) Asda and Morrisons sell this, discard the sauce if it comes with one you just want the veg to save time and shopping.

Juice 1/2 lime

3 tbsp low fat Greek yogurt

1 heaped tsp sriracha sauce


About 550g turkey breast fillet, cut into 4 steaks or buy 4 pre cut steaks, Asda and Morrison sell a whole breast piece

2 tbsp buttermilk or low fat yogurt

½ tsp turmeric

1 tsp curry powder

4 bacon medallions


4 burger buns, sliced and toasted, I used Aldi

2 tbsp mango chutney

handful salad leaves

2 tbsp mayonnaise mixed with ¼ tsp garlic puree

Heat oven to 200C/180C fan/gas 6. Put the chips in a saucepan and just cover with water, add salt and bring up to the boil. Once boiling time 1 minute then drain and cool in a colander for a few minutes. Arrange on a flat baking tray (helps crisp them up) lined with parchment then spray with oil and season well with salt and pepper plus the garlic and drizzle on half the vinegar. Cook for 45 minutes, turning and drizzling with the remaining vinegar after 25 minutes.

Meanwhile combine the yogurt or buttermilk with the turmeric and curry powder and some seasoning in a medium plastic food bag (or bowl). Add the turkey steaks and use your hands to massage and coat in the marinade, there’s not loads of marinade but there is enough to coat if you mix well. If you have time do this the night before to add more flavour. Transfer to a foil lined tray with the bacon.

In a medium bowl combine the yogurt, Sriracha, lime juice and some salt and pepper. Add the shredded veg and mix until evenly coated. Heat grill to high. Cook the turkey steaks and bacon for 8 minutes, then remove the bacon and keep warm but turn the turkey and continue cooking for another 6 minutes until golden and cooked though.

Spread one side of the toasted buns with the garlic mayo and the other with mango chutney. Add a handful of leaves to each base then add a turkey steak, slice of bacon then top with the bun lid. Serve with the chips and slaw.

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